Smithsonian Institution | FREER GALLERY



This project consisted of three components: 1) design and restoration of the original fountain court and landscaped terrace pavement; 2) renovation of 19 galleries and public spaces, including new lighting, HVAC, fire and sprinkler systems; and 3) renovation of the 300-seat auditorium to accommodate access, improve acoustics and add new audiovisual capabilities. The existing skylights were in need of restoration and also alteration in order to be appropriate for the art. Scrims were added below the skylights to diffuse the light and control ultra-violet radiation in order to preserve the art work on display. Onyx provided both the design and construction documentation for this intimate Washington treasure. Sensitivity to existing historic fabric was critical due to the fact that the Smithsonian Institution was constructed in 1855 and houses 142 million items important to both United States and World Histories.  

PRINCIPAL | Dale Brown