ONYX Architects, along with the developer Dax Mitchell, has worked to create a design concept that works beyond fulfilling the basic program requirements, a start to achieving something that goes a long way toward accommodating Livermore’s larger goals.

The scheme starts with an easy-to-use centralized parking structure (below and above grade) to service the surrounding neighborhood, as well as the new development. This massive structure is concealed within the center of the site, with portions of the development built around it and on top, thereby mitigating the impact to the surrounding neighborhood or the development itself. The mixed use design of apartments, townhomes, restaurants, and retail space are designed in such a way as to be very unobtrusive, and complement and maintain the scale of the surrounding neighborhood. A new hotel is envisioned, accompanied by meeting rooms, a fitness center, spa, and a destination restaurant that is an offshoot of a local winery. To tie the walking experience of the district together, a paseo experience has been created throughout the development, including a retail courtyard placed in the center of the large parcel, and a pedestrian bridge that allows patrons to cross over to the hotel.

PRINCIPAL | Steve Kuchenski

DESIGN LEAD | Douglas D. Joyce III