Our Mission is to collaborate in improving the quality of life through architecture and environmental design





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Sustainable Design Philosophy

As the intellectual landscape of the new century becomes more environmentally conscious, there is a greater demand to see this attitude reflected in the environment in which we surround ourselves. The success of our projects is increasingly dependent on their environmental – as well as their physical, economic and social – foresight. Onyx is particularly sensitive to the fact that the building design has a significant impact on the environment. The firm adheres to LEED® guidelines and is able to assist clients achieve LEED® certification. Onyx does not view “green” design as a supplement to the design process but rather as an integrated set of design principles and processes that ultimately minimize environmental impact and relate people to buildings. Fostering a sense of community further involves being responsible with precious public financial resources: “getting it right” the first time, developing clear and concise construction documents, and designing buildings that are both easy and efficient to operate and maintain.




Beyond simply fulfilling our contractual obligations, we take joy in the process of conceiving and realizing projects with our clients.


We accept the challenges of our age to pursue a design that will responsibly address environmental and sustainability concerns.

Of service to its users

Onyx projects are thought-through beyond the normal standard of care to be highly functional and serviceable. These projects can happily be used over a long and useful life.


Projects that delight the eye and add substance to the communities in which they are built is the goal for all our projects.